A lot of the time, water is tasteless, colourless and odourless

Well, I don’t know about it being “odourless” because for a long time, I’ve always “known” that it tastes like “metal”

(Like I know how metal tastes, in the first place)…hihi

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Which reminds me of someone who always says that drinking water, consistently, is good for my skin!

I think so, too.

My skin don’t look so bad given the things that I eat and apply on my skin!

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Water is something many of us take a moment and two, to think about

In it’s entirety and uniqueness!

But if you look really close, you’ll see that this form of “matter” is something we really can’t do without…otherwise, we are all dead, by the end of the week!

No? Try out this simple experiment; take a whole week without drinking anything, starting day 1 and by the 6th day, I want you to report to us how you are feeling generally…or delegate these powers to somebody else to take care of this!

I think it’s because it contains hydrogen and oxygen than anything else!

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If I told you that life begins in the water-based solutions present in the world today, would you believe me?

Think of blood, semen, digestive juices in your body…

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Then, I think of water in numerous states like liquid, gas and the solid states respectively.

For those who get to experience icy conditions where they live and reside, did you know that it’s very important ice forms the blanket it forms and wherever it forms?

Say on rivers…it forms that insulating barrier that protects all life below it from the extreme freezing conditions that would have been formed all throughout the water body!

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In its liquid form, do you ever think about how useful it is, to travel on water for all the numerous activities going on there?

Rescue and recovery missions search for the bodies of dead passengers after a cruise boat capsized in Lake Victoria off Mukono district, Uganda November 25, 2018. REUTERS/Newton Nambwaya


According to fashionlaw.com, it takes approximately 1,800 gallons of water to grow enough cotton needed to produce just 1 pair of jeans!

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Mm..hhhmmmm….The people that enjoy some soda and alcohol, do you ever ask yourself how much water is used to make just a pint of beer or a bottle of soda?

What madness is this?

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In its gaseous state, do you ever wonder how some people that live in places where no rain falls, get to have some water fall from the sky?

It’s all very interesting how water can be turned into numerous forms, get stacked up on an airplane and gets dispersed from the sky, eh!

I wonder, though, if the taste and colour of it changes….

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And the things we’ve talked about here are “just the tip of the iceberg”, literally.

I want you to imagine the things we haven’t talked about here, really quick

That we can do with water and the help of water!

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Ps. Please boil all the water you drink, plan on drinking and wish to drink in the abrupt future. With the way we are treating our environment both on land and beneath it, you can’t be sure what it has come through and dragged!