Hhhhhmmmmmm….I be wondering

Cream is good enough

How fine does it have to be, for it to be finer?



Photo credit: splendidtable.org


This reminds me of cocaine

Hell yeah!!!

And how good the product has to be for you to own the market

Near, far and beyond


Heap of white powder.

Photo credit: time.com


Or better yet, soil

Think about it, all these layers of soil right from the top all the way down

Till you get to the very fine substance called dust

That many of us like for whatever purpose


Photo credit: soilassociation.org


I guess that’s how much capitalism has eaten our roots, huh

We all work at creating something unique, something out of this world, something only known to a few

At the end of the day, it all goes down to one winner

The rest of us are left to try elsewhere and next time


A young boy and businessman feeds his money making machine with great ideas and out comes lots of US Dollars. Bling. Boy dressed in business suit with Benjamin Franklin bow tie. Retro styled. If making money was easy, it would be awesome.

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Keep searching for ways to get to that cream

Keep reinventing your ways and yourself so that the tide doesn’t sweep you aside

Stay woke, don’t get hexed

Read a book, chapter or line today for whatever you need in this world is probably written down somewhere

Just waiting for the most curious person to take it up

Keep your ears on the ground and your eyes fixed up on the stars


Photo credit: midlifetribe.com


Get to be that 96% pure coke

That the gangs will kill for to have in their hands

Be that syrup that somebody can’t miss having with their doughnut

The Finer Cream