It bites you from the inside out
Eating away what’s left of your intestines
And groping you by the throat
Leaving behind that burning sensation all over your skin

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The medics come in and just can’t seem to wrap a finger around it
Pondering and pacing left, right and center
They yiveni consult our good friend called Google
No particular symptoms are ticking on their checklist

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Am still feeling the pain, though, all this while
I could even be having a big clue about what’s up with me

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Which leads me to my next question…?
Could my pain be emotional?
Or psychological?
Or is it simply, supernatural?

Those pains we have, that are burrowed deep down our throats…
Do we ever get to talk about them?
Or even give off a second, every day to think about them?

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What if, along the way, these pains eat away our hearts and mind?
To the point that our own ideal ego feels maimed
Shall we ever talk about them?
How do we even start to talk about them?
Unseen, as they are….

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How can I talk about that unseen pain of mine that I am feeling inside?