I know her….she isn’t that kind of person

I know him…he’s my brother

I know her….so well

My mother can never say that

I know my Daddy so well…he can’t even hurt a fly


I know myself too well

To know that I can never do such a thing in this lifetime

I know for sure that this will happen if you go through with your plan

I knew it….this was bound to happen

I know this won’t work…you all saw what happened last time




Honestly, I don’t know what just happened….I’ve never seen this in my life

I’ve not known her to be that kind of person

Wow…I guess don’t know my brother as well as I think I do

My God, that was a different person in my sister’s skin that I saw there

Damn…Mommy got me there by surprise

For all the years I have known Daddy, I’ve not known him to be this way


I never thought I still had it in me

Wow….I guess every day you live on earth is one for learning

This particular turn-around of events??? Who ever saw this coming?

Even I didn’t, I swear

Well then, I guess last time was last time….and now is now

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What do you I really know?