Hello there,

How is your 2023 going so far?

We are back again with our class of psychology!

We are going to talk about “boundaries”.


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A boundary can mean a marking or a perimeter wall / fence that you use to clearly show your territory.

The same principle can apply to boundaries when it comes to the human mind.

They can be statements you uphold in your life to protect you from unwanted attention or bad “energy”.


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Boundaries can be healthy and unhealthy.

When boundaries are healthy, we flourish and blossom and shine like new money (I have been told).

When boundaries are unhealthy, we become a shadow of ourselves to the point that we do not even know ourselves anymore (I have also been told)!


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When you look really close into your life,

Where do you currently lie?

Where would you like to be?


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Next time on the class of psychology,

We will be looking further into “healthy boundaries”.

See you then!