Me don’t want pain

Pain pain go away

Little me and old me want to play

Pain, stay away from me

You are not good for me

Or for anyone

 I repeat….

Pain pain, you are not good for anyone

Not even yourself, apparently!

Pain pain

I have felt you in the past and

You are not something that felt good having my life

Pain pain

Why have I been made to think that, over time,

It is good to experience you and enjoy you?

Pain pain

You have a way you sneak up on me when I am very happy

Pain pain

It is like being with you is a way of me being “romantic”

And yet, that is very wrong

Me doesn’t want to romance you…me wants to romance whomever or whatsoever I desire to

So many people are responsible for bringing you into my life, pain

I have put this notice to them

Just so they know what they have done is wrong and they need to change it for the better

This can’t keep on happening

I want to wake up one day and know that there is no more pain

And anguish and sorrow

Only light, love and joy!

There is so much I look forward in my life but you, pain

You have at your fingertips every single time you “need” me

I declare this as my first step towards dropping you and leaving you behind me

It has been nice knowing you, pain

But I have to go now….do my own thing in this life and try to live all the time that I have left

Before you come after those that love me, when I have left their eyes and gaze

Do you have any parting shots for me, pain?

Aren’t you going to wish me good luck in my next endeavours?

I wish you all that is coming to you, pain