I’ll admit….

I was very slow on starting Deep State

I can’t exactly say what led me to that but I am so glad I am watching it now

Here is why!

You worked as a spy and cleaner once for the government

Did a great job at it….didn’t ask too many questions and just did what you were told

Until that moment in time when it wasn’t enough for you

You started to ask your superiors many more questions than usual

Started looking twice at every job or assignment you were given

And in the end, you just didn’t like what you had become!

You hated it all and most of all, what you had become

And therefore, decided to leave!

And start off a new life somewhere far away from where you used to hang out and chill.

One day while you were there, your former employers and colleagues take it upon themselves to invite you back in from retirement

Pictured: (L-R) Joe Dempsie as Harry Clarke and Karima McAdams as Leyla Toumi in DEEP STATE.

Their brilliant idea is to begin with intimidation, then go on to holding your team-mates at ransom, literally

And worst of all, is to hold your family hostage as they negotiate their working terms with you!

That’s a huge mistake, right?

Keep in mind that your team-mates are working leads on an assignment to eliminate some targets that your government wants to be silenced

Little do they know that there is an order for their heads

And the person to execute that order is you

On that same team, there is your estranged son and first child!

That’s some serious Deep State of mind, thought and action, if you ask me!

And so, the action begins…plus the cat & mouse games as well.

I want you to imagine how much running and hiding you will do….what you won’t do or the journeys you won’t travel to see them another day

DEEP STATE Season 2 Episode 205: Surrender

The methods of your training and experience you will use to track these savages and lying bastards down

How many laws and lines you will break

How many times your heart will be beating per minute when you realize your own life is in very likely danger….thrilling, right?

So many secrets are revealed…in my experience, they always have a way of coming out

Alliances are formed and some are broken as well

Family is reunited and perhaps, given a new lease to life

Love is rejuvenated

And our hearts and our minds are racing as well

The scheming continues


The Deep State carries on!