Just because I come off as “strong willed” and “independent” to everyone; including you

That Does Not Mean I Do Not Want You, my love!

I want you so much more than I have disclosed to you!


These walls that I have built over time should not scare you away;

Do not be afraid to come closer to me.

I want you so badly but my mind keeps on “shoving” how I feel about you aside

That Does Not Mean I Do Not Want You, though!


Photo credit:Β Council on Foreign Relations



I am a little afraid of loosening up and warming up to you

Because the day you leave me (I really hope that day never comes to life),

I do not know how I will have to go back to my old way of living in this life.

That Does Not Mean I…..!


A couple kiss after the ‘Bloco Virtual’ carnival parade on the sands of Leme Beach, where the parade took place, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Friday, Feb. 13, 2015. The five days of over-the-top parades and raucous, alcohol-soaked street parties that make up Rio de Janeiro’s world-famous Carnival celebrations kicked off Friday. (AP Photo/Felipe Dana)


I really like you….like a lot, you have no idea!

No, that is a lie, you have an idea….(you are the love of my life)!

Fingers crossed and heart thumping for you, I hope you like me, too.

From that moment we crossed paths rushing away to our respective destinations,

I got a feeling about you….and it was a feeling I liked from then on.